Take off the straw and croquettes

Hello. I'm a dining room blogger.
I'm sorry that the weather became bad today. I can not worship the superb view Mt. Fuji even if you drop by with great pains,
Why don't you come and eat "Waraji Croquette", one of the specialties of Michi no Eki Asagiri Kogen Shokudo? Set meal of the photograph, of course,
It is OK to offer separately. It is a dish that can be satisfied with the volume of about three of the normal size croquette.
Other famous yogul pork(Tons)We also offer a recommended menu using . We are looking forward to seeing you.

In addition, I would like to understand that the closing time will be early and until 16:00 for facility maintenance today and tomorrow.

#Asagiri Kogen (road station)

2020March, 10th.