2018September 29. : Announcement of temporary closure
Stay always Road Station Asagiri-Kogen, thank you.

Renovation of the typhoon will be closed tomorrow.

Indeed it is that your understanding and cooperation as thank you.
2018年9月28日 : Finally appeared!

Today the weather is good too many clouds, about Mount Fuji?
I could see in the afternoon, finally show up

Tomorrow because of the approaching Typhoon weather was bad Mt. Fuji seen from the
Became a valuable Fuji so hard!

It is good and not because of the Typhoon.
2018年9月22日 : Announcement of the Pause Webcam
To me looking forward to a webcam view of Mt. Fuji
You will be informed.

Due to the renovation of the station, the webcam will be shut down temporarily.
Period of suspension up to 11 months late is scheduled.
After the construction is once again available, so
Please wait for a little while.

In addition, during this renovation period also
Shop, ice factory and restaurant will be open.
M awaits guests online(__)m

2018September 21. : 山梨より届きました!
It's raining today morning mist, but offers from Yamanashi fruit!
Grape "chain mascot pione'
Peach "peach"

The peach is soon at the end, vine is still going!

Today is from Yamanashi fruit new!


It is eaten in salads, stir and eat delicious(^^)
Please try!
2018September 14th. : It entered new type!
Unfortunately, I couldn't see Mount Fuji(..)
Morning mist was three days before very cold now!
Have a jacket when you go out in the morning mist, enjoy!

And entered the first grapes in station road.

Male treasure "yuuhou"
In the multiplication shine Muscat and Tien-Shan
Eaten with the skin!

Please come and try!

Still my shine Muscat also ~(^-^)v

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